CASE STUDY: Gas Station • RIDGLOK® Fire Protection Tank Insulation

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CASE STUDY: Gas Station • RIDGLOK® Fire Protection Tank Insulation


A new Love’s Travel Stop fueling station was built in Blytheville, AR in 2017.  To protect the facility’s wet sprinkler system, an above ground storage tank was required to hold fire protection water. 


Once erected and hydro-tested, such a tank in warmer climates is typically complete. However, in Blytheville, AR, winter temperatures fall well below freezing, and an uninsulated tank presents several issues for the owner, such as:

  • Ice build-up within the tank
  • Frozen water lines
  • No access to emergency fire protection water supply
  • Energy waste from tank heater
  • Not meeting NFPA 22 freeze protection codes section 16.1-16.5.


In colder regions, storage tanks for fire protection require tank heaters. Without proper insulation, the cost of heating these tanks is prohibitive. NFPA 22 codes section 16.1-16.5 permit the use of tank insulation to CONSERVE energy.

The storage tank manufacturer trusts RIDGLOK®’s long history of protecting fire protection tanks. Having used it on projects for many years, they have complete confidence in this newer technology which is rapidly overtaking conventional insulation systems.

They ultimately selected RIDGLOK®’s vertical standing seam insulation (VSSI) system because of past history, competitive price, and their long-standing experience working with RIDGLOK® insulation panels.

The manufacturer’s project manager knew he could rely on the system for:

  • Quality thermal protection
  • Speed of installation
  • Safety of installation
  • Low maintenance of the insulation system
  • Long life of the insulation system
  • High wind resistance
  • Structural connections sealed against weather
  • High level of corrosion protection against CUI (corrosion under insulation)
  • Color Matching the facility’s color scheme
  • Easy fast repairs
  • Expansion/contraction built naturally into the system (no bands to be periodically checked and tightened)
  • Quality resulting from panels pre-manufactured to specification


fire water storage, vertical standing seam panel insulation, ridglok 

Fire Protection Tank | Fueling Station  |  RIDGLOK® Tank Insulation


This RIDGLOK® Vertical Standing Seam Panel Insulation System was manufactured at the MC&I facility in Reed, KY for installation on a 22’ diameter x 17’ tall fire protection storage tank with a cone roof.   The RIDGLOK® straight roof design and robust flashing system minimized potential corrosion points contributing to the overall performance of the system.


ridglok, mayes coatings and insulation, fire water protection

Fire Water Storage Tank | RIDGLOK® Panel System 

The client now enjoys:

  • Lower Energy bills
  • Aesthetically pleasing tank that compliments the facility
  • 1 year warranty and a Lifespan of 25+ years of thermal protection


Upon completion of the project, the inspector stated:

"All work was completed satisfactorily and would recommend RIDGLOK® Panel Systems in the future." 



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