Casey’s Distribution Center • Food & Beverage Distribution • RIDGLOK® Fire Protection Tank Insulation • Terre Haute, IN

RIDGLOK, vertical standing seam insulation, NFPA, polyisocyanurate insulation, MC&I, liquid storage tank, fire protection, Tank Connection

Casey’s Distribution Center • Food & Beverage Distribution • RIDGLOK® Fire Protection Tank Insulation • Terre Haute, IN 



Casey’s General Stores were founded in 1959 by Don Lamberti who leased a store from his father on East 14th & Broadway in Des Moines, Iowa.  After nine years of operating this old country store, which he remodeled into a convenience store, Don's gas supplier and friend Kurvin C. Fish, suggested that Don buy the Square Deal Oil Company.


Through the years, Casey's success has been attributed to our clean stores, restrooms, and the friendly employees who pride themselves in customer service. Casey's customers have come to know that inside each store they will find dedicated, helpful, and well-trained employees, exceptional prepared food items, and a clean environment in which to shop.


Casey’s General Stores opened a new distribution center in Terre Haute, IN which will create 180 jobs by the year 2019.  The distribution center required a fire protection storage tank to be constructed near the facility for fire prevention and protection.   


MC&I was contracted to insulate the ground storage water tank to prevent freezing and maintain an ambient temperature for fire protection.


The RIDGLOK® Insulation project began on August 25, 2015 and was completed with a two man crew in only 1 week despite the hot and humid summer weather.


The client stated that the work was completed satisfactorily and that they would recommend MC&I and the RIDGLOK® Panel System to others.  He also stated that the crew was “very professional, did a great job, the tank looks great.”


This RIDGLOK® Vertical Standing Seam Panel Insulation System was installed on a storage tank for Casey Distribution Center located in Terre Haute, IN.  The bolted tank was utilized to store water for fire protection at the site.   


The tank was a 43.08’ diameter x 30.35’ high bolted tank.  The project was completed on 9/2/2015.


Details of the project can be read about by clicking on this link:


The RIDGLOK® Insulated Panel System consisted of 0.024 stucco-embossed aluminum metal jacketing, in Fawn, laminated to 2.0” of polyisocyanurate insulation board with an R-value of 13.1 using a straight cone roof system. 

RIDGLOK, vertical standing seam insulation, NFPA, fire protection, polyisocyanurate insulation, Tank Connection



Piping Detail |Fire Protection Tank 

RIDGLOK, vertical standing seam, NFPA, tank connection, polyisocyanurate insulation, climalock 

Fire Protection Tank  |  Straight Roof Design


RIDGLOK® Insulation Systems are utilized for freeze protection on fire water supply for wet sprinkler systems.   Fire protection water storage tanks that are in colder regions are required to have tank heaters and permitted to be insulated to CONSERVE energy per NFPA 22 codes section 16.1-16.5.      





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